District Attorney to hold news conference on Bernie Fine

New information will be released Wednesday on the Bernie Fine investigation.

Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick will hold a news conference Wednesday morning at 10:30. The D.A's office will not elaborate on what that means, or give us any clues into what Fitzpatrick will say.

Former Syracuse University Associate Head Basketball Coach Bernie F ine is accused of sexually molesting three young boys. Federal investigators have searched Fine's home, office, locker, and banks. Monday, we learned investigators were looking for pornography , or anything that would sexually arouse young men.

When contacted after the District Attorney announced the news conference the third accuser in the case, Zach Tomaselli said he talked on the phone with an investigator from the District Attorney's office this week. Tomaselli said the conversation was primarily about the night he claims he spent at Bernie Fine's house in 2003. Tomaselli is not alleging any sexual abuse took place during that visit.

Referring to the District Attorney's news conference, Tomaselli said "I don't think it will have much to do with my case."

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