Doug Marrone hires four more Orange coaches in Buffalo

The Syracuse Orange football team lost four more coaches to the Buffalo Bills on Tuesday, as Doug Marrone's announced the hiring of ten more coaches in total. Greg Adkins, Tyrone Wheatley, Donnie Henderson and Jason Rebrovich are all heading to Buffalo to join Marrone, who was hired as Buffalo's head coach last week.

Adkins coached the offensive line for all of Marrone's four years as head coach in Syracuse, and will now be in charge of the tight ends in Buffalo. Rebrovich and Henderson will both be in charge of coaching the Bills defensive backs, while Wheatley will continue to work with the running backs, as he did in Syracuse



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, in part, "When I began the hiring process for our staff, I sought after individuals that had a strong work ethic, passion for the game of football and experience which are all qualities demonstrated in each of our new hires."

New SU Football head coach Scott Shafer will now have as many as five coaching positions to fill, including the offensive coordinator position vacated by Nathaniel Hackett's departure to Buffalo last week.