Doug Marrone talks about transition to NFL and SU's future under Scott Shafer

Former SU head football coach Doug Marrone was back in Central New York on Saturday morning, supporting a charity called Clear Path for Veterans in Chittenango.

From 2009-2012, Marrone coached SU to two Pinstripe Bowl victories, finishing his tenure with the Orange at 25-25. At the benefit, Marrone was asked about his move to the NFL, which he said was easier than transitioning to the college ranks. The biggest piece of that transition for him and the team itself has been the relationship with the players.

"Really you're on the outside coming in, and just because you're the head coach doesn't necessarily mean people are going to listen," Marrone, who took over for Chan Gailey at the helm for the Bills, says. "The players have transitioned well letting us into their program, and have given us the ability to lead them so that we can be a consistent winner."

Marrone also addressed the hiring of Scott Shafer as the new head coach for the Orange, a coach Marrone hand-picked himself as defensive coordinator in 2009.

"I'm excited for them, I really am," he says. "Obviously Coach Shafer was there in the beginning when we had first gotten there...I think there's still a lot of work ahead, and I think that Scott will do an outstanding job, along with the staff that he put together."

Marrone added that in addition to his responsibility to bleed Buffalo Bills blue, his Orange will still show, saying he will root for Syracuse every week in the Fall.