Ex-SU QB Ryan Nassib appears on Dan Patrick Show, says he's the best QB in draft

Ex-SU Quarterback Ryan Nassib continued his media and workout tour on Tuesday, appearing on the Dan Patrick Show to talk about the upcoming NFL draft.

Towards the end of the interview, Patrick asked Nassib who he thought the best quarterback in the draft was, Nassib responded, "myself."

The Buffalo Bills worked out Nassib and other SU players on Sunday, and have the 8th pick in the NFL Draft on April 25th. The Bills are coached by former SU coach Doug Marrone and former SU Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. Nassib spoke about meeting with Doug Marrone on the Dan Patrick Show today.

"I met with him, we had dinner Saturday night and a workout on Sunday morning. I had dinner with Coach Marrone and my former offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and the Bills president, GM, assistant GM and director of player personnel. So I spent a couple days with him over the weekend," Nassib says.

Patrick also asked him if he would be suprised if the Bills did not draft him, Nassib gave a reserved answer.

"I wouldn't be surprised," he says. "It's a crazy process and if I don't, then hopefully I get picked by a team that thinks I'm a good fir for them. I'm just excited to get an opportunity with any team, even if it is a team that I had no idea was interested."

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