Fayetteville-Manlius' 9 and 10 year olds win District 8 Little League title

Head Coach Len Lafollette leads his 9-10 year old F-M all-stars in a rally chant after practice Thursday night.

Itâ??s baseball at its most pure, and for the greater Syracuse area its Little League Champion is Fayetteville-Manlius.

The Hornets 9 and 10 year old All-Stars captured the District 8 Championship on Wednesday night, delivering them to the Sectional playoffs on Saturday in Waverly.

F-M â??believesâ?? it can make it all the way to a New York State Championship. In fact, the Hornets chant it at each practice and game, the chant made famous by the U.S. Soccer team.

â??I believe that we will win!â??

â??The chant that we just did, that's from the US Soccer Team, that started from Coach and we just kept going with it. We've done it every game and we haven't lost yetâ?? says 10 year old pitcher Itai Spinoza.

Itâ??s more than a chant though, itâ??s a mindset.

When I visited the young Hornets, you wouldnâ??t know they were about to enter a win or go home situation. Smiles ran wild, and while the team was all business at practice, it was a pleasure for the Hornets to go to work at their home field off Brooklea Drive in Fayetteville.

â??We've known each other, through competition mostly. And now, we've come together, formed a great team together and and work together and have fun together and we've won gamesâ?? 10 year old shortstop Colin Jordan tells me.

This weekendâ??s sectional playoffs will play out like this:

F-M begins â??Section 2â?? play on at 11:00 a.m. in Waverly, which is in the Southern Tier southeast of Elmira. F-M takes on the District 7 champion Maine-Endwell, Head Coach Len LaFollette tells me. The Hornets continue pool play against the Utica area champ (Section 10) on Sunday at noon. The overall sectional title will be decided on Tuesday, July 15. From there, the six sectional champions play for the New York State title on July 25 at Deer Park.