Former Chief Carlos Delgado inducted to Wall of Fame

Carlos Delgado isn't eligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame for three more years, but he got some practice being honored on Friday night when he was inducted into the Syracuse Baseball Wall of Fame. Delgado played in Syracuse for parts of five years, dreaming ahead to what would be a very successful major league career with the Blue Jays, Marlins and Mets. But now that he's retired, he's finally looking back to his minor league days with appreciation, recognizing that Syracuse is always a part of him.



t is quite an honor

(to be inducted)

," admits Delgado, "I always said that you play the game because that's what you want to do. You don't play it to get recognized, you don't play it to get awards. But when you retire you look back, and times that were important to you always cherish.


Delgado especially cherishes the 1994 season when he was sent down and ended up spending the rest of the year with the Chiefs because of the Major League Baseball strike. His teammates that year, like Shawn Green and Alex Gonzalez, remain his best friends to this day.


When we were here it was cold,

we played at the old MacArthur Stadium and we really enjoyed


. They treated me very nice here, so it's nice to be back."

Delgado's time in Syracuse certainly prepared him for the majors, eventually hitting out 473 home runs in 17 MLB seasons. The two-time All Star also drove in 1,512 runs.

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