Former Georgetown basketball coach hopes for Syracuse to beat Indiana

John Thompson while still coaching at Georgetown.

It has been difficult for many Georgetown fans to watch Syracuse get ready for a Sweet Sixteen game on the Hoyas home court while their team sits at home. Georgetown was upset by #15 seed Florida Gulf Coast on the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament.

Washington D.C. native Marc Alvarez said that he couldn't bring himself to cheer for Syracuse instead. Alvarez said the Syracuse/ Georgetown rivalry was too strong and he didn't want to support the Orange as they prepared to leave the Big East conference. Alvarez said he would only be willing to give the Orange "quiet respect."

Several other Georgetown fans told CNYCentral that they could not be friendly to the Orange - even for a day. Stephen Antonio said "With Syracuse I'd say no - with Marquette, I'd say yes. There's a line there with the new Big East and the old Big East.

While many Hoya fans refused to cheer for their longtime rivals, former Georgetown basketball coach John Thompson Jr. said he hoped Syracuse would beat Indiana and move on to the Elite Eight.

"When you're not able to play, you usually want the league to maintain its respect. So in my heart, I'll be for them - yes," said Thompson.

Syracuse fans were happy to have the support but lifelong Orange fan Bob Goldberg said he understood why Georgetown fans were uncomfortable with the idea.

"I would be happy to have them root for us for a day but if the shoe was on the other foot - I don't think we'd go there," said Goldberg.