Former pro wrestler teaches an inspiring message

Marc Mero

Marc Mero has truly seen it all. The Liverpool graduate sought teachings from local boxing guru Ray Rinaldi in his teenage years. Rinaldi turned him into a champion in the boxing ring, and that eventually led him to pursue a highly successful pro wrestling career in both WCW and WWE under the names "Johnny B. Badd" and "Wildman" Marc Mero.

Mero won several wrestling championships including the Intercontinental Championship. As time went on though, things went down hill. Mero already lost two siblings at age 21, his mother died young, and his father died while Marc was holding him in his arms. Mero admittedly abused alcohol, he used drugs and steroids as well and wondered himself, if he could continue on.

That was until he decided not to give up.

It's the same message he preaches today. Mero founded the Champion of Choices (link below) where he travels around the world, including a recent trip to Russia, to send his message that you can overcome anything. "You know, we're all going to go through adversity in our life and I tell these kids no matter what happens in your life, you can over come these things. I've been to hell and back and I feel like I'm in a place in my life where I can tell them to never give up. Don't ever stop believing in yourself, there's so much to live for" says Mero.

He was in town this past weekend where he attended boxing matches put on by Rinaldi at the Paradise Market, he also spoke at Trinity Assembly of God Church in Clay. When you meet Mero, it's hard to believe so much has happened to him. He has a delightful demeanor and is always smiling, easily the happiest guy in the room. His message is effective to anyone, if you look at what he's been through and how he never gave up and now is even helping the world's youth.

Looking at what he's done, it's easier to overcome the average day-to-day stresses most people worry about when you put it in perspective. Marc Mero as he says has "been to hell and back" and made it through, and the future generations who will hear his message, is so much better off because of it.