Former SU coach Doug Marrone tears up as he remembers Rob Edson after first NFL win

Doug Marrone pauses while remembering Rob Edson on Sunday

Former SU football coach Doug Marrone won his first game as an NFL head coach on Sunday over the Carolina Panthers, but instead of a celebration, Marrone was emotional in reflecting on the passing of Rob Edson.

"Iâ??m having a difficult time, itâ??s a personal situation," Marrone said after the Bills won 24-23 in thrilling fashion. "Syracuse University and Central New York lost a dear friend. Rob Edson who I worked with for quite a long time."

Marrone apologized to the media members in attendance for going off-topic in regards to the football game, but expressed his condolences, and teared up as he remembered Edson, who he called a friend.

"Itâ??s difficult for me because Rob, when I was at Syracuse, heâ??d always come in after the games and kind of cheer me up and pick me up and keep things in perspective. I think about his wife, Sue Edson, who...worked with me everyday to see the person you guys have in front of you now and to get better with the media and how to handle the media. They have two beautiful children and it hurts. I know that Rob was watching and I canâ??t stop thinking about that. When that game was coming down to the end, my prayers just go out for him and his family," Marrone said.

Marrone was asked about the mixed emotions of the jubilation of a career achievement, compared to the sadness of losing a friend.

"I guess because of my faith and what I believe in, I think after the game was over, thatâ??s when the emotion took over. I think we all know we have a job to do and a responsibility. I know that sounds cold in a sense, but itâ??s more important for me to be there for the team and do that, and then now afterwards my thoughts went to Rob (Edson) and his family. Thatâ??s whatâ??s tough. I think weâ??re all humans. My emotions are no different than anyone elseâ??s in this room if that happened. Itâ??s a tragedy, it really is."