Golden skills passed on in this week's Ski Blog

Getting her skiis all set up / Mike Brookins

This week I passed my golden touch in skiing on to my daughter, Emma. It was a special day for both her and me as she was my first child to take on the slopes.

We paid a visit to Greek Peak on Monday morning with perfect weather conditions. Emma was a brave 5 year old and out of her element on the mountain; which is more like ballet. Her instructor, Brandon Phillips, did a great job teaching and coaching her on. I have to say, I had a hard time keeping my mouth shut and leaving it to the professional. After conquering the Magic Carpet surface conveyor lift, Emma was ready to take on a chair lift and mid-mountain beginner trail. She made it down with only a few falls and tears. The tears were mostly out of embarrassment versus a fear or injury. After an hour and a half of learning the ropes, she was ready to call it a day and head into the lodge for lunch. You can follow along with some pictures from our trip on the right side of this page. I see tons of potential in Emma and if she continues to improve as quickly as she did this one morning, watch out Lindsey Von. One skiing daughter down for me, two more little ones to come!

Spring skiing begins March 1st with mid-winter conditions. Not a bare spot on the mountains and trail counts are running near 100%. Baring a major, near record warm up, I think it is a lock to be skiing until the end of the month! Some resorts have already begun to curtail hours and activities, so it TMs best to check in with their websites before you head out. To make it easy, Ski Central here on has a list of all of the sites on the right side of the page.

This week at a ski area near you|. Greek Peak is on the cutting edge of technology, now updating via Twitter and Facebook. They are also hosting the 5th annual Hope on the Slopes event on Saturday. It TMs a 12 hour ski-a-thon to raise money for the American Cancer Society. A thanks goes out to all who are in the military serving our country proud. Snow Ridge would like to thank you with a free ski day on Wednesday. Song Mountain holds their last Friday Night Freakout of the season this week. Lift tickets from 4pm through midnight go for just 6 bucks and can be pre-purchased at the Ski Company in Syracuse to save waiting in line at the mountain. If cross country skiing is your thang, you TMll like this next note. It TMs free on the trails at McCauley during the month of March. Bristol begins their sale of March Madness Passes. Ski through the rest of this ski season for a low price with this deal.

Happy trails|