"He has an opportunity" Macky MacPherson looks to make most of NFL shot

Macky MacPherson celebrates SU's bowl-clinching win over Boston College in November, 2013.

Doug Marrone saw something in Macky MacPherson in the Spring of 2008 when he offered the Christian Brothers Academy junior a full scholarship to play football at Syracuse University.

At the time, it was possible that some Orange fans saw this as a tribute to Macky's grandfather, the legendary Orange coach Dick MacPherson.

As soon as he stepped on the field, we realized the offer was legit, Macky would be a huge part of Syracuse's future. He started at long-snapper as a freshman and filled out his final three seasons as the team's starting center.

Now, Doug Marrone is giving MacPherson another shot to prove himself.

Macky, as we told you in recent weeks signed on to the Bills' training camp squad where if he plays well enough, could end up making the team.

"First, I would say that I didn't take a shot on him the first time around because he was a very good football player and that showed in how he played" Marrone said about MacPherson on Wednesday.

"I think Macky is a very disciplined football player, he's smart, knows our system and he's very tough. He has an opportunity, and I feel very fortunate that I was able to be out there and we were able to bring him in. If you talk to our quarterbacks, they feel very comfortable with him in there and are happy that he's here in camp" Marrone continued.

The Bills' first preseason game is on August 3rd, it's the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio against the New York Giants.

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