How to dress for the Crunch's outdoor game

As you may have heard, we have a unique sporting event coming up in Syracuse next month. The Syracuse Crunch will be hosting the Binghamton Senators at the State Fairgrounds in an outdoor hockey game. Although we are in Central New York, and we are still in winter, the weather can be changeable. This will be a huge event! As of this writing, more than 15,000 tickets have been sold, and if you TMre considering going you are probably asking What TMs the weather going to be like? What do I wear?

Well, if you have lived in Central New York for more than one or two years, then you know the weather can indeed be changeable, even in winter. Oh sure, most of the time in February we can safely plan on snow and cold. Then, every once in awhile, Mother Nature surprises us with a little sunshine or maybe even an unseasonably mild day.

The Mirabito Outdoor Classic hockey game at the State Fairgrounds is scheduled for Saturday February 20th at 1:00 pm. That TMs still a month away, so nailing down the weather for that exact date is out of the question at this time.

Since we can TMt actually predict the weather for the game at this time, the best thing we can do is go back and check past years and averages. This can give us at least an idea of what the conditions could be.

So, based on records from Hancock Airport in Syracuse, here are a few weather numbers you may find interesting and maybe even helpful for driving and dressing purposes if you are attending this fantastic event!

High and low temperature and precipitation for February 20 over the past five years

2005: High 25 - Low 2 - Snow 1.32006: High 28 - Low 14 - No precipitation2007: High 44 - Low 18 - Rain .11 and flurries2008: High 26 - Low 17 - Snow .72009: High 25 - Low 13 - Snow 2.3

If you are a believer in averages, I TMll do the math for you. For the past five February 20s in Syracuse:

- The average high temperature is 29- The average low temperature is 13- The average snowfall is 2.3

Finally, if you want to consider a longer term average, here are the averages for game day based on the past 107 years - since records began in Syracuse.

- The average high temperature is 35- The average low temperature is 16

As we draw closer to February 20, I TMll start evolving from averages to an actual forecast. Keep checking back here on or for the latest information. Remember, when game day gets here, if there is any snow or rain around, you can track it with's Triple Doppler Radar.