Huge crowds arrive at Oak Hill to see Tiger Woods

Though he didnâ??t have the best outing of his career today at Oak Hill, Tiger Woods certainly drew the largest crowd during the opening round of the PGA Championship.

"It's just kind of surreal because I've followed him since I was little,â?? said Chad Flack.

Kyle Crawsley, whoâ??s watched Woods play at other PGA events, was impressed by the buzz around golfâ??s megastar today. â??The crowds were bigger than usual but it was a great following, great event.â??

"The crowds are tremendous out here. Everyone's after him,â?? agreed Jake Schreiber, who lucked into an autograph from Tiger earlier this week.

Fans advised others looking to follow Tiger to move quickly, get a head start on the next hole when possible and be ready to get extremely close to other Tiger fans.