'I went too far...I'm not so sure I entirely regret it' -Jim Boeheim talks outburst on national radio shows

Jim Boeheim argues the call at the end of the SU and Duke game on Saturday

Following his coat-flaling double technical against Duke on Saturday, SU basketball coach Jim Boeheim appeared on a variety of national radio shows on Wednesday afternoon.

Appearing on ESPN's the Herd with Colin Cowherd, Boeheim said, "There's no question I went too far."

When asked if he'd be angry if one of his players acted in a similar way, Boeheim responded that his players are not allowed to get technicals at Syracuse, and that it's the coaches job to argue with the referees when they believe a call is incorrect.

Later in the day, on The Dan Patrick Show, Boeheim joked, "I just think it was old age setting in, senility, you just lose control sometimes."

He added, that while he believed the game was over, he should've taken the one technical and gone back.

"But I'm not so sure, I entirely regret it," he said.

Dan Patrick also asked Boeheim what kind of reaction his wife, Juli Boeheim, gave him afterwards.

"She wasn't negative," Boeheim said. "She did say it wasn't in good keeping with our foundation's goals, setting good examples for kids, which I guess is true. In the moment, you sometimes lose it, in 38 years I have never done that...I really thought the game was over on that play. I just thought it was the wrong call, you get emotional and you get crazy."

In both interviews, Boeheim brought up doing Pilates, and said his 'moves' were good. Patrick joked that he should've lost the jacket.

Boeheim responded, "I never wanted to take my jacket off, I've seen that, I've come close a couple times."

Boeheim and the Orange take on #12 Virginia in Charlottesville on Saturday. Tip off is at 4 p.m.