In spite of loss, excitement builds around Orange women's lax team

The SU Womens Lacrosse season may be over, but the excitement is just beginning to build for the program.

You see, as Syracuse valiantly fought #1 Maryland down to the last moments of the National Semifinal at Villanova on Friday we may have been witnessing the beginning of a golden era of Syracuse Womens Lacrosse.

Some would argue that golden era is already in progress.

The Orange has made the Final Four in four out of the last five years under Head Coach Gary Gait.

Gait, graceful in defeat, was quick to credit his senior class for bringing the program to a new level of success

â??Iâ??m proud of my team for the effort they gave throughout the entire game. They never gave up. They were down a couple times, rallied and fought back and gave everything they had. We have an incredible group of seniors that weâ??ll be saying goodbye to. They had amazing careers at Syracuse and helped take this program to the next level â?? 3 Final Fours in 4 years. Iâ??m very proud of them. Unfortunately, the outcome wasnâ??t the way we wanted it. Weâ??ll say goodbye to our seniors and regroup for the next year, knowing again what it feels like to fall short,â?? Gait said.

Suddenly no program is too strong for the Orange. It wasn't very long ago that a matchup with the #1 team in the nation would be met with a David vs. Goliath type feel. No more though, as Syracuse Womens Lacrosse has joined the Men's program on the hill as premiere programs in the game.

It's easy to understand then, even with her career in Orange over, why senior defensive specialist Becca Block smiled, even while getting emotional when talking about her time in Orange.

Block played masterfully on Friday, and along with her fellow seniors she leaves SU with three trips to the Final Four.

It wasn't long ago that a star like Katie Rowan helped lead SU to its first Final Four, now the stars in Orange are leading SU to multiple trips to the semifinals.

It's only a matter of time that we're talking about the player, or class, that leads the Orange to a National Championship.

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