Jets camp opens- Will Smith or Sanchez start at quarterback?

Mark Sanchez fields questions after the first day of Jets training camp.

Another New York Jets camp in Cortland, another quarterback battle rages on.

The Jets have called SUNY Cortland its training camp home every year since 2009 (In 2011 there was no camp because of the lockout).

In three of those four years, the quarterbacks have been the center of conversation.

In 2009 the question was could the rookie Mark Sanchez beat out the veteran Kellen Clemens. He would, and in turn, lead the Jets to the AFC title game.

In 2012, Tebow-mania took over as fans wanted to get their look at the phenom at quarterback. As it turns out, Sanchez started and Tebow's role was severely limited.

Now, in 2013, everyone is talking about the quarterbacks again. Can the maligned but now experienced Sanchez hold off the rookie Geno Smith for the starting job?

It's impossible to tell from just one day of practice in shells but it is a topic that no doubt will be front and center of the next few weeks.

In other words, the sports world will be focused on Cortland County.

Both quarterbacks looked sharp today. They threaded the needle through tight windows with zip and accuracy. The big question is can the weapons around them- guys like Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow, Jr. step up to the plate.

And, can Sanchez and Smith coexist in the heat of a fierce competition.

Only time will tell on both fronts, but one thing is certain, at least one day one it's all smiles at New York Jets training camp in SUNY Cortland.

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