Jim Boeheimâ??s barber recalls first haircut from half a century ago

Duke Drumm has been cutting hair up on the SU hill since 1960. Drumm says one of the first customers to walk in his barbershop was a tall skinny basketball player named Jim Boeheim. "He was a good ball player. A lot of people don't remember that. I think he averaged about 16 points a game or so," he says.

Boeheim may have been a good player for Syracuse but what Drumm says what Boeheim was really known for back than was his snappy outfits. "He had all of these colorful sport coats and all of that stuff. He was the talk of the campus the way he used to dress," he says. That was 50 years ago and Drumm's been cutting Boeheim's hair ever since.

Drumm says he just gave Boeheim a haircut just before he left for what will be Boeheim's 5th trip to the Final Four. Drumm says the coach likes this team's chances in the tournament. "He was pretty confident. I think he likes what the kids been doing. Something kind of clicked since they had that lull, losing 3 or 4 games. I think he had a better smile on his face," he says.

In 50 years of cutting Boeheim's hair Drumm says one thing hasn't changed, the way Boeheim likes his hair cut. "He likes the same bowl cut (laughs) He knows I know what I'm doing. He's got his curly Q's on the side I take care of for him." Drumm will be rooting for the Orange like everyone else this Saturday night. He says he will also be rooting for the same tall skinny basketball player who showed up in his barbershop looking for a haircut so many years ago.