Joe Frazier's legacy lives on in Central New York

A look at the former Madison Square Garden ring that is now in Canastota, it's the ring Frazier beat Ali in.

As the sports world mourns the death of one of the greatest heavyweight boxing champions of all time, the best place to reflect on Joe Frazier's legacy is right here in Central New York.

The International Boxing Hall of Fame sits right in Madison County, just off exit 34 of the New York State Thruway in Canastota. The Hall of course, inducted Frazier years ago, back in 1990.

Just walking around the facilities in Canastota, and you can see just how big Frazier's impact on the sport was. From his induction icon, to the former Madison Square Garden ring (pictured) the very squared-circle where Frazier defeated Muhammad Ali in "The Fight of the Century" 40 years ago.

Frazier was a frequent visitor to Canastota's induction weekend, says Ed Brophy, Executive Director of the Hall of Fame. He was very well liked by the crowds, and he loved the Central New York Boxing fans, and those that descended on CNY from the rest of the world just as much.

"He was one of those big names and when a big name passes, like Joe Frazier it's something to be saddened about but at the same time to celebrate the life of a Joe Frazier. A Joe Frazier only comes around once in a while and we had Joe Frazier for many years and he gave so much to the sport. That's why, today, everyone's talking about "Smokin'" Joe Frazier.

Frazier was 67 years old when he passed away Monday night.