King Of The Hill Tournament hosts over 70 lacrosse teams at Jamesville-Dewitt

Lacrosse was all the eye could see.

From Genesee Street all the way up the hill to the lacrosse field immediately behind Jamesville-Dewitt High School on Edinger Drive. It was all lacrosse, all the time.

It's the King of the Hill Tournament, hosted by Jamesville-Dewitt Youth Athletics.

Mike Durkin, director of JDYA lacrosse told me that over 3,000 people were on J-D property today, including spectators. Those spectators were on hand to watch over 70 lacrosse teams, all from 8th grade and younger battle it out on several fields.

It's a direct indicator of why J-D lacrosse has been a force to be reckon with in recent years the talent level is deep, even down to the youngest of competitors on Saturday, Kindergarteners.

Click the video player to see some of the 3rd and 4th graders in action.