Kobayashi looks to eat his way into the record books at the New York State Fair

When you think of competitive hot dog eating, chances are Takeru Kobayashi is one of the first guys who comes to mind. And if you're planning a trip to the New York State fair this weekend, there's a chance to could see the Japanese "eating machine" set yet another World record. Sponsored the Hofmann Sausage Company, Kobayashi plans on breaking the record for the most hot dogs eaten without a bun in 10 minutes.

Kobayashi teamed up with Hofmann's ownership last month as a business partner and brand ambassador. Kobayashi says he's excited about the challenge this weekend, and is quoted on Oneida Indian Nations website as saying, "I've never experienced the New York State Fair, so I am really excited to see what it's all about. This appearance will mark the first athletic challenge through my new partnership with Hofmann Hot Dogs. I'm psyched to set a new record on a new stage with a brand I totally love. I plan to cruise through this 10 minute bunless challenge like lightning. See you all there!"

Hofmann Hot Dogs CEO Frank Zaccanelli says, "Over the years I have worked with many athletes. Takeru Kobayashi is a master of his craft and without a doubt the best athlete in competitive eating. We have entered into a great partnership with Kobi that will help us mature from a regional icon to a national and international brand."

Click on the video link to watch John Evenson's one on one with Kobayashi.