Local golf pro giving free lessons to moms on Mother's Day

Jay Catalano looks on as Kellie Cowan takes a swing

When you think of celebrating Mother's Day more often than not you're picking up flowers or making reservations for brunch.

A local golf pro is looking to change that notion.

Jay Catalano, a pro golfer based out of Butternut Creek Golf Course in DeWitt, is making an offer perhaps too good to turn down.

Catalano says that he will give free lessons to any mother that comes by Butternut Creek on Mother's Day. He'll start giving the lessons at noon on Sunday.

Catalano hopes that the idea will get more women golfers out on local courses, citing that after a lesson or two it's "not that hard"

To prove that fact, Catalano gave our Kellie Cowan a five minute pointer that as you'll see in the video player paid immediate dividends.