Local kids react to Alex Rodriguez suspension

After Alex Rodriguez was suspended for 211 games by Major League Baseball, baseball fans reacted, as his reputation once again suffered a major blow.

Rodriguez is appealing his suspension, so he was actually in the lineup for the New York Yankees against the Chicago White Sox on Monday night, and denied the allegations that he used performance enhancing drugs.

"I just think he should've confessed when he first started doing it, instead of a couple years later," Ryan Borkowski, a 14-year-old from Eastwood, says. "I think his punishment would've been like 20 games if he had admitted it when he first started, instead of 211."

Borkowski, a Boston Red Sox fan, says he was never a fan of the Yankees or Alex Rodriguez. But, his friend Robert Briscoe, also 14-years-old, says he was once a fan of ARod, but says Alex is no longer a role model.

"I still think of him as a good baseball player, but what he did was wrong," Briscoe says.

Rodriguez heard boos from Chicago White Sox fans on Monday night, a possible sign of things to come as he continues to fight these allegations.

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