Looking for the SU game on TV?

SU football's new era started last week in front of more than 47,000 in the Dome. This week, they're on the road at Penn State and a lot of SU fans are searching to find where the game will be on.

Because Penn State is a Big Ten team, the game is only available on the Big Ten Network. Dish TV and DirecTV carry the Big Ten Network but you should check your specific package to see if you have it. All Syracuse Verizon FIOS customers receive the Big Ten Network, it's channel 85 in standard def, and 585 in high definition.

Time Warner Cable has the Big Ten Network but not on basic cable. It's available as part of their digital sports plus package with thirteen other channels.

Jeff Unaitis, of Time Warner Cable, told Action News, "because we knew there would be a lot of interest in the game and not everybody knows about or subscribes to that package, we've lowered the price from $3.95 a month to $1.95 a month."

If you're a true bargain hunter looking for a deal, it's possible to add the Big Ten Network and then cancel it after the game. The cost of the package would be pro-rated bringing your total, out of pocket expense for the SU game to seven cents.

Customers do not have to call Time Warner Cable to order the extra package for the SU game. They can do it through their digital cable box. They can get instructions on how to do that by calling Time Warner Cable TMs automated services.

Time Warner Cable says that it's already been a busy week and they're putting extra staff on for this weekend.

The game kicks off at noon in State College, Pennslyvania.