Marc Mero spreads his positive message around CNY

Mero emotionally recounts his younger brother's tragic passing.

We first told you Marc Mero's inspiring story back in July, about how after a roller coaster life saw him rise from poverty to become a rich and famous wrestler only to hit rock bottom. Mero though, despite everything he's had to battle through, is the self proclaimed "happiest man on the planet". He's even written a book showing the world how he got to this point.

Just how did he get there?

That's the message Mero spread to nearly 20 churches and schools around Central New York this week. We caught up with Mero in one of his last presentations of the tour at Auburn High School on Friday. He goes into great detail about his life from a young child and the battles he's fought, and in turn some tragedies he's encountered. Mero recalls his life with such passion, and when he does get to the sad parts he is moved to tears, as was, in my rough estimate about 50% of the crowd at the Auburn High School Auditorium, if not more.

Mero's message carries that much more weight because he is someone people around town know and respect. He was a 4-time New York State Boxing Champion and made the U.S. team under the leadership of local legend Ray Rinaldi. Mero, most famously became a pro wrestler in WCW and WWE and garnered quite the fan base in his time.

That though, just enhances how many people his "Think Poz" message reaches. What Mero went through, only to emerge as really, the happiest person you could ever meet is truly inspiring, there's no other way to put it. No Doubt, the students at Auburn and everyone else who was fortunate enough to catch one of his presentations is a better person for it.

Here's a look at Mero's website