Marshall Street businesses cashing in on SU success

Businesses on Marshall St. reaping benefits of SU win.

If Syracuse is the capital of orange nation, than Marshall Street is like Pennsylvania Avenue. And its businesses are cashing in all thanks to the big win.

Shirt World is advertising on the streets and promoting their buy one get one free deal for final four t-shirts. Stacy Croad's son is a cross country cuse fan who can't resist.

"He said mom I need a shirt can you pick it up and overnight it to me? So that's what I did," says Croad.

Karen Hayes went to Shirt World to buy shirts for the whole family.

"I think there's 12 in here. Big family, couldn't resist. Great deal," says Hayes.

Sandy Jacobs of Shirt World says the win is good news for all of the businesses in the area.

"It affects the whole Syracuse area because everyone is so excited. The weather may not be great but it's a great time to be in Syracuse," says Jacobs.

All that shopping can make you hungry and Varsity is reaping the benefits. Manager Diana Hester says they're bracing themselves for another boost ahead of Saturday's game.

"We'll be busy but I was here in 2003 when they won and that was crazy, crazy, crazy. I've never seen anything like it. But I'm sure it will be busy like that. Even though it's an away game I expect it to be really busy," says Hester.

Orange fans are confident their team will go all the way, hoping to soon see the all-stars from 2013 on the wall of Varsity alongside Carmelo Anthony.

"Go big or go home. We're going all the way to the end. I'll be back next week for the championship shirt," says Hayes.

Faithful fans are putting their money on the Orange.