Matt's Memo: Tim Green and Skaneateles football

Tim Green, Skaneateles High School Football coach

I confess I have been watching the Skaneateles High School football box score the last two seasons when I never had before. I have given it a glance for one reason. Tim Green is their football coach. Those of us who grew up in Central New York know Tim's story fairly well. He starred at Liverpool High as a wrestler and football player. He even was a force on our Community Council basketball team back when he was in 6th grade and I was in 5th. Not a finesse guy, but clearly a powerful athlete in the making.

Helped turn around Syracuse University football. He starred in the NFL for a fairly poor Atlanta Falcons squad. He picked up a law degree, authored books, hosted television shows and was an NFL football network analyst. As his kids grew up and he settled into the Skaneateles community he also took time to coach wrestling. It was one of the lowest profile challenges in his laundry list of success. In each endeavor he has displayed commitment, dedication and an intense desire to succeed.

Suddenly that path to success is being questioned as the undefeated highly ranked Skaneateles footbal team is under intense scrutiny for possible recruiting rules violations. I won't pretend to have greater command of the details of the allegations than the Post-Standard reporters who have followed this story for months. The Skaneateles School District has forwarded its investigative report to the Section III athletics office for review. Section III has called an immediate meeting to decide whether sanctions should be handed down.

Since his days as a star at Liverpool High Tim Green has dealt with whispers of jealousy. There are so many possible motivations for comments and stories that have spread about the Skaneateles coaching staff. The school district's report rather oddly skips names of anyone involved including Tim Green's name. It does cite a denial of wrongdoing by the head coach, but it does not state his name. Nor does it use the names of athletic directors from other schools or assistant coaches. I can understand protecting the high school football players, but the adults should be specifically identified.

The report also oddly blames the rules that govern high school recruiting. While admitting the unnamed coaches violated some of the rules the district calls for better rule definition.

How will this all end? How should it end? If the players on the field are all eligible to play they should be allowed to carry on their undefeated season to see if they can win a state title. The players should not pay the price for acts by coaches who tried to lure players who never joined the program. We could know more as soon as today.

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