Michael Carter-Williams vs. Jonny Flynn in NBA Summer League- Who won?

Michael Carter-Williams (file photo)

Todayâ??s NBA Summer League game between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Indiana Pacers not only gave fans the opportunity to watch the leagueâ??s future talent compete, but also gave Syracuse fans the chance to see three of their favorite alumni play against one another.

Michael Carter-Williams, who was drafted 11th overall by the Philadelphia 76ers, saw the most action of the three playing just under 27 minutes. The former Syracuse star struggled from the field making only 4 of his 19 attempts. Despite his struggles shooting the ball, Carter-Williams finished with 13 points, along with an impressive 7 assists. Perhaps most importantly, he had no turnovers.

James Southerland was not selected in this years NBA draft, however the Philadelphia 76ers have given the hot shooting prospect the chance to play on their Summer League team. Southerland has the most to prove as he hopes to utilize the NBA Summer League to prove to NBA scouts that he has what it takes to compete with the best. Southerland was contacted by the San Antonio Spurs offering the chance to be drafted as their 58th overall pick if he were to agree to play a year overseas. The Western Conference champions did not offer Southerland any guarantee that he would make the roster the following year, therefore Southerland decided to decline their offer and explore other options. The three-point specialist saw about six minutes of game time, and went 1-2 behind the arch. "Everybody recognizes his ability to shoot the basketball," said Sixers assistant Michael Curry. "Every time he comes off a pick, he [puts] guys in all different kind of flares. He starts a chain reactionâ??.

The Golden State Warriors will also be giving Southerland the chance to play on their NBA Summer League team next week in Las Vegas.

Johnny Flynn also made an appearance for the Indiana Pacers, finishing with 3 assists and 5 points. Flynn started his career strong with the Minnesota Timberwolves, averaging 13.5 ppg and 4.4 apg during his rookie season. He has struggled since, and played last season overseas. Flynn hopes to regain momentum this year as he works to make an NBA roster.

The Pacers and Flynn won the contest 96-75, rest assured though, the victory for the trio would be to land with their respective teams and make an impact in 2013-2014.