More buzz on Doug Marrone leaving Syracuse for Buffalo

As Doug Marrone was officially introduced as the Buffalo Bills new head coach on Monday, there was so much for Orange fans and Bills fans in Central New York to soak in.

Syracuse University Director of Athletics Dr. Daryl Gross was out of town on Monday, but said in a statement, "Doug has restored Syracuse football to its rightful place and we are appreciative of the foundation he has laid on and off the field for the future success of the program. We wish him the absolute best in his opportunity in the NFL."

Last week SU head basketball coach Jim Boeheim joked that he had tried to convince Doug Marrone to stay by telling him that Syracuse is a better place to be than anywhere else, even Hawaii. On Sunday, after SU Basketball's win over USF, when news had already surfaced about Marrone heading to Buffalo, Boeheim spoke of how big a loss it was to Syracuse.

"It's sad where we are, but you can't fault a football coach or a basketball coach who sees an opportunity that he feels is good for him. If he loses two years in a row, he's going to be fired," Boeheim said. "We know that. So how can you be loyal, what's loyalty, when they're going to fire you if you don't win. I don't fault coaches for looking and seeing if there's a situation that is better for them."

Sean Keeley of the SBNation website "Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician" has compiled what others close to the SU football team are saying about Marrone heading to Buffalo.

Gregg Rosenthal from listed the most intriguing things he learned about Doug Marrone's plan as head coach of the Bills, first and foremost that a newly established analytics department will be an integral part of the team.

"We've used quite a bit of it in when we were in New Orleans when we were there," said Marrone, "We want to be innovative," Marrone said. "We want to use that to be in the cutting edge and push us forward. So again, it's part of what we do. It's part of our planning; it's part of our process."

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton, someone Marrone worked for as offensive coordinator/offensive line from 2006-2008, says he was happy to give Marrone advice throughout his interview process with Buffalo, and told that he's a great choice.

Payton called Marrone "a great leader" and "a great teacher." "I think he's certainly someone the players will respond to, and I think he's ready."