New ABA team coming to Syracuse

Sports fans in Syracuse will have a new team to cheer for. Action News has confirmed with the president of the American Basketball Association that a new ABA team will be based here in Syracuse.

The Syracuse ShockWave is slated to start playing in the 2010 season. It is the first expansion team announced for next year. The team will be owned by former Salina Supervisor Chuck Iavarone. It's not clear yet where the team will play.

You may remember the last ABA team in Syracuse didn't last for very long. The Syracuse Raging Bullz played just two games at home in the War Memorial before postponing games, then cancelling the rest of the season. Team management sited low attendance for the cancellations. The Bullz never returned.

Even before any games, the team caused controversy. It was originally named the Syracuse Bullies, which many people objected to.

Action News will keep you posted on this new ABA team.