New law would sideline students after a concussion

Youth and high school sports can be fast paced but a new law in New York State will require schools to sideline students who suffer a concussion for at least 24 hours. The law will also require students to get approval from a doctor before they resume practicing or participating in gym class.

Returning too soon after a concussion can put athletes at a greater risk for another brain injury or long term damage.

Kyle Roberts' daughter suffered a concussion playing basketball and needed time off to heal. Roberts says the Fayetteville-Manlius school district made sure she had plenty of time to recuperate before she was able to participate in any activities. F-M trainers and coaches also communicated with doctors to be sure enough time had passed. Roberts said he's glad every school district will be required to take those steps and hopes the new law will raise awareness.

"We do take a lot for granted and the long term effects can be significant," said Roberts

There's been more emphasis in recent years on concussions in recent years and the long term effects of returning from concussions too soon. F-M Head football Coach Paul Muench says his staff works every day to prevent helmet to helmet hits and keep players safe.

"These are games. We take it very seriously - we play hard and we believe there's a lot of value in the sport but it would never be worth the injury of a player," said Muench.

The new law will take effect July 1st, 2012. It will also require schools to post information about concussions on their website.