NY Jets soak in the rain and a very vocal Cortland crowd

It was as wet as you could imagine at the New York Jets first open practice, as the rain came pouring down. That did not stop S


Cortland's practice facility from being packed with Jets fans, anxious to get their first look at the new Jets quarterback duo of Mark Sanchez, and new backup QB Tim Tebow.

"This is exciting," said one women decked out in a soaking wet Jets uniform, "I'm from two hours away, my son and I drove here this morning to see this"

"My kids have never been to an NFL training camp before," said another proud father, umbrella in hand, "we used to go to the Bucs camp when we lived in Florida, so this is really fun to come out and let them experience it."

And what an experience it was on day two of Jets camp. A large media turnout was able to cover practice with a backdrop of very vocal Jets fans, with most of their cheers and jeers directed at Sanchez and Tebow. While the slick rain made it a challenge for everybody, Tebow got some moans and groans on a couple of inaccurate passes, finishing 3 of 8 on 12 snaps in 11 on 11 drills. But while the fans seemed mixed in their quarterback support, the Jets players insist the two are working well together so far.

"They have a great relationship, a great working relationship," said tight end Dustin Keller after practice, "and those guys are doing a great jon in the meetings. They're very involved and taking to guys. You can't ask for much more out of those guys."

"They're teammates, says offensive lineman Vladimir Ducasse, "and we all have to get along. You ain't got no other option, so they've been working together and they've been doing real good."

Sanchez finished day two of practice completing 6-of-8 passes in 17 snaps in those 11-on-11 drills, what was a very impr


ssive showing according to Keller.

"We've played in the hottest temperature, and we've played in snow, and rain really when you're throwing the ball is the worst one. But Sanchez seemed to put everything on target. We had a couple of drops out there, but I think once we get going, the guys are getting back into the swing of things. Those are catches they're going to make."

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