Olympic Sailor with Geneva ties bounces back on day two after tough start

Rob Crane

went to school in Geneva New York at Hobart & William Smith Colleges, but has gotten an Olympic education over the past few days.

Crane admits he got off to a rough start in the Olympic Laser sailing event in Weymouth, England, but he seems to be fighting with all he has.

Crane finished 35th of 49 racers in his very first race, but fell to 42nd place in race two, 4:04 behind the winning time of 56:25. Crane, known for his blogging, admits in a Tuesday blog that he didn't write a thing after day one because he was so upset he knew anything he said wouldn't come out well.

Crane raised the bar on day two of sailing, finishing 30th in Tuesday's first race, and breaking into the top 30 by days end. Crane is now 34th overall not even midway through the 11 race prelims. Crane did add to

his blog site after Tuesday's improvement, and describes how he got off to such a poor start in day one.

"First, I was completely wrong with what I expected the wind to do," says Crane, "the second, I was really slow downwind. I had a good start but going the wrong way and being slow downwind left me well behind the leaders. Race two was a different story. I had the tactics straightened out after sailing the first race. Great start and in top three half way up the first beat. Then the second half of the beat I just didn't have it physically."

However, with Cranes confidence now building again after day two of races, he added that he can still make some noise at the 2012 Olympic games. "6 races left so the potential to move up a bit is there," wrote Crane.

The medal race is slated for Monday, August 6th.

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