One week in, Gross reflects on ACC Move

Orange fans have had a week to digest the fact that the Orange are moving to the ACC, whether that will be in 27months, as per their current Big east contract, or sooner. Fans have been commenting on our website and calling in sports talk radio shows all week with with the pros and cons of leaving the Big East. SU Head Head Football Coach Doug Marrone has said he's excited, but would rather wait until the season is over to comment in detail. SU Head Basketball Jim Boeheim went so far as to say the move is for money and football, and that it will be tough for him.

Syracuse Athletic Director Daryl Gross said at today's Toledo game that he has no doubt in his mind that this was the best move for Syracuse Athletics. He hopes those who still have concerns about the decision will soon be convinced of that too.

"All of us who have more information than everyone does, we've been working on this for a long time," says Gross, "and everyone knows that Syracuse University carried the flag for the Big East and really tried to do everything in our power to keep it together, and we feel proud about that, We didn't just walk away, we walked away knowing we gave it a great try. It's the right decision. People don't have all the information in order to know that it's as good as we know it is, but there's no other choice than to position ourselves this way."

Gross says it's still very much up in the air whether or not the Big East will hold Syracuse the the remaining 27 months on their contract with the conference, but insists the decision isn't all about money.

"It's really about stability and our future, and out student athletes should have the same resources to compete for National Championships as some of the great programs do, so we have to look out for their best interests."

Click on the video link for more from Gross, and SU Football legend Floyd Little.