Orange fans are sparse in sunny San Jose

There is a random orange and blue building here in downtown San Jose, maybe its a sign?

As I prepare for CNY Central's coverage here from the NCAA Tournament in San Jose, California I must say this is differen't from any work trip I've been on.

No I'm not talking about the palm trees and the temperate climate of temperatures in the 60's.

Rather, I'm talking about the lack of Orange here in town.

It's certainly to be expected, given the nearly 3,000 mile trek out here to the California Bay Area but I always look forward to seeing fans of Orange Nation on the road supporting their team. I suspect that changes tonight, but I feel most fans probably are banking on a trip to Washington D.C. next week.

The team I've seen the most of in my brief time here?

No, not Cal, which is located 40 minutes away.

Rather, New Mexico State fans.

Yep, red Aggie shirts everywhere so far.

As a consolation prize, I did find an orange and blue painted building downtown.

I haven't seen too much of San Jose just yet but it seems like a very clean and beautiful city. It has a nice mix of palm trees and deciduous trees that we see at home. The town is very excited to be hosting the NCAA Tournament and their hospitality reflects that.

Of course this city has one major pro sports team, that being the San Jose Sharks of the NHL and boy, do they love their team. I was walking through the airport and someone asked me if I knew if the Sharks won last night.

He looked at me like I had three heads when I responded "who?".

I'll give you a look at the HP Pavilion when I get to the arena, but as the name would show, Silicon Valley's influence on this place is everywhere. Just about every ad or billboard I've seen so far is technology related.

Not to rub it in, but the forecast the next four days is a high of 68 with sun and clouds mixed. I think Wayne Mahar would get bored if he worked here! Not much variation in the forecast. But that's certainly not a bad thing as far as my work is concerned!

That said, it's back to preparing for our March into Madness special on CBS-5. You can also follow me for live tweets during the game @NikoTamurian.