Orange QB Nassib has deep options

The Orange are not only heading to Louisville on a high, following their 49-23 upset win over West Virginia, but they're also heading on the road as a 100 percent healthy team. With Chandler Jones and Orlando Fisher back in the mix on defense, and more receivers stepping up on offense, head coach Doug Marrone has more options to play with than he's had in quite some time.

"There's a sense of competition," admits Marrone, "those other kids have gone in there and done a nice job, so I think when you talk about the players being back healthy and playing for a period of time, not just a short period of time, and players playing back there with competition, I think you have a chance at being successful."

Orange quarterback Ryan Nassib jokingly knocked on the wooden wall behind him when asked about having a team free from injuries. He says the depth on offense has given him much more confidence heading into games lately.

"We have a lot of guys out there who can make some plays for us," says Nassib, "and I've got a lot of offensive help from guys who have a lot of different strengths. The good thing about that is we have a lot of depth so we have a lot of fresh guys out there who are ready to go full speed all the time."

Nick Provo, who have a career high 3 touchdown catches against West Virginia, says he doesn't feel as much pressure knowing his QB has so many talented receivers to work with.

"Ryan has a lot more places to go with the ball right now," says Provo, "he's getting the ball to Jarrod and Alec and me, and you see David Stevens had a touchdown and Van Chew. He doesn't have to freak out, he can just get the ball out and play football."