Poll: Who will emerge as leaders of the 2014 SU football team?

Terrel Hunt is the SU starting quarterback

There's a hierarchy in college football, and in the locker room, usually it's the senior and junior class who leads and sets an example for the rest of the team to follow.

Those upperclassmen are important, as they set a tone for the rest of the team, which can often determine the success a squad has each season. In 2013, Syracuse graduated seniors like Jay Bromley, Macky MacPherson and Marquis Spruill. Running back Jerome Smith was a redshirt, and earned his captain status as a junior before declaring for the NFL Draft.

So, with those names gone, new athletes need to emerge to not only lead the program on the field, but off the field as well. But, instead of just a straight vote for captains, as several teams do, Scott Shafer performs this task differently.

"If academically they're in a senior situation, they get 4 points for their vote," Shafer explained at his opening press conference. "Then it goes on down, juniors get three, sophomores get two, freshman one. And then coaches, our vote counts as four as well, so that's really all I can tell you right now. When the time is probably will be when we get back from Fort Drum, I always look forward to watching their development when they're at Fort Drum when they're on their own. There's no social media, there's no access to Wifi and it's just them, and they can see each other and make good decisions on who they choose to lead."

Names to watch thus far are junior quarterback Terrel Hunt, who returns as the starting quarterback, 5th year senior Prince-Tyson Gulley, offensive tackle Sean Hickey, linebackers Dyshawn Davis and Cameron Lynch and safety Ritchy Desir.

The Orange heads to Fort Drum for preseason practice from Tuesday, August 12th to Friday, August 15th.