Rochester's Tim Redding back in Upstate New York as Doubledays Pitching Coach

Tim Redding assumes the role of pitching coach for the Auburn Doubledays

Rochester native Tim Redding had his fair share of ups and downs in his professional baseball career, and he'll admit that too. The ups range from being part of a no-hitter in the minor leagues to even some success pitching for the Astros.

Redding made his professional debut in 1998 for Auburn when their parent club was still the Houston Astros, his major league debut came in June of 2001 for the Astros themselves. He then spent 17 years pitching in pro baseball. So, it's fitting that Redding's professional coaching debut also comes in Auburn, as he's now in his first season as the pitching coach for the Auburn Doubledays.

Redding, who retired in 2013, admits he misses pitching, but now brings that fire to molding the young Doubledays pitchers.

"That fire will never die," he says. "I think for me being able to get into coaching right away has really helped to fuel some of that fire because it's driving me to make these younger kids better. It's not about wins and losses at this level, it's about making them aware of what's expected of them down the road, and trying to get them to that point."

He's also enjoying staying close to home, and is now actually living with his family in Rochester, New York, commuting about 80 minutes a day to Falcon Park in Auburn.

"A lot of fans and friends and family from out there came out to the two games we had in [Batavia]. It's just nice to be back in Western and Central New York and to enjoy a beautiful summer here, it's been pretty mild so far and it's always good to have a taste of home."

Watch the full interview to see how Redding plans on using his unique experience in professional baseball to make him a better coach, and help his current players. He also touches on his future, and what his goals are now that he's no longer playing.

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