Skaneateles beats Notre Dame in semifinal game

T he Skaneateles football team beat Utica's Notre Dame 46 to 27 Saturday in the Section III semifinal game.

Coach Tim Green was fighting back tears following the win when asked about how proud he is of his team.

"No one on our team or on our coaching staff has done anything wrong, or violated any rules. No one," Green said. We've said that from the beginning, and this thing is a total mess, and it's a shame."

The team does not know if it will be able to play in the title game next week due to a pending state Supreme Court appearance on Tuesday.

Early Friday, Section III officials suspended the team following a recruiting scandal involving coaches. Later Friday, a judge put a restraining order on Section III, paving the way for Skaneateles to play Saturday.

"The beauty of living in America, if injustice is out there, you can go to the court of law where there's an impartial judge who listens to the facts, who aplies the law, and gave us a restraining order so we could play," Green said." And I will tell you this, whatever we have to do from here on in, we're gonna do."