Skaneateles School District still fighting season-ending suspension

Tim Green

The Skaneateles School District is going back to court over its controversial football season.

An attorney for the district, Dennis O'Hara, says the school has filed a motion opposing the decision by Section III to suspend the football season. The team's undeafeated season was cut short after allegations of recruiting violations by former head coach Tim Green.

The case was in court several times before the championship game, but the motions were all preliminary at that point because of time constraints. Even though the season is over, the case is continuing in the court system.

O'Hara says the school district is still fighting to win the case, even though the team isn't playing football anymore. He says Section III's decision to suspend the season was made in violation of open meeting laws, its own rules and regulations, and was "arbitrary."

O'Hara says the district is continuing to fight the penalty because of future concerns. Prior offenses are taken into consideration when deciding penalties. If this penalty stands, it could mean the district will face a more severe penalty if there any violations in the future.

O'Hara expects the motions to be heard sometime after the first of the year.

We have reached out to John Rathbun, Section III Executive Director, for comment. We did not hear back right away.

Tim Green resigned amid the controversy.