SU Football Team has options heading into Northwestern game

The SU Football team is as deep as it's been since Doug Marrone took over the team, and that could be clearly seen in his week one depth chart released on Saturday. The word "or" is key heading into the week one matchup with Northwestern, as Marrone admits that at several positions there are situations where a number of different players could see action. For instance, Marrone says he sees five potential running backs that are ready to play.

"We're still in preparations for our first game

," says Marrone, "

We released our two-deep. Northwestern has released their two-deep. I can't speak for them, but we've started our preparation to get ready to play a game next week. I'm really excited also. I have butterflies too. I think we all do. It's just a matter of controlling that and focusing that energy to the task at hand."

Marrone says that while it was a very tough camp, the players returned this weekend with a new competitive focus as they get ready to finally prove what they can offer in an actual game.

"We'll be ready to play the game," added Marrone, "you know we'll be ready to play the game of football, next week, the question is will we be able to perform. And I think that's what everyone is looking at."