SU football with spirited first practice on Fort Drum

The SU football team stops during practice to salute the American flag, located off in the distance on the far right portion of the picture.

As the clock struck 5 p.m. on Fort Drum, the SU football team was in the middle of their first practice on post. It was their individual session of the workout, but even in the midst of important drills, the entire team stopped.

The song 'Colors' played by bugle over loudspeakers, and each SU football player took of their helmets and gazed at the American Flag flying off in the distance. A brief salute of patriotism, but one example of the impact of their week on Fort Drum.

Throughout the week, the team will work with military personnel, building relationships with them through team-building activities, while the soldiers learn from the SU coaches on leadership as well.

"To sit across from the troops, and understand that 'I'm 21, hey, he's 21, he's in the mountains up in Afghanistan putting it on the line for our country so I can go out and play football'..anything we can give back to them to some small degree and that's all it is really, a small degree, is something that we take great pride in," SU football coach Scott Shafer says.

The Orange will be on post until Friday, performing activities with the military members each day, including a scrimmage on Thursday at 6 p.m.

Watch the video to see the players stop during practice for the playing of "Colors".

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