SU offense acclimating to quarterback rotation

Macky MacPherson gets ready to snap to Terrel Hunt, one of the three SU quarterbacks

As Charley Loeb, Terrel Hunt and John Kinder each audition as the 2013 starting quarterback this spring season, the rest of the offense is also dealing with the transition.

It is not just an overall transition, but on a daily, series by series and even rep by rep basis, the offensive line and receivers are working with a different signal caller under center. So, as the three quarterbacks are still acclimating to the newer terminology and speed of practice, the rest of the offense is acclimating to them.

"That's definitely a challenge for our offensive line having three quarterbacks with three totally different voices and the rate and speed of our cadence is totally different so that's a challenge for them," senior quarterback John Kinder says. "I feel like cohesively we're doing a very nice job at taking everything the coaches are giving us and just trying to do the best that we can."

Since the Orange are primarily working out of the pistol and shotgun set through the first few practices, Syracuse center Macky MacPherson says he has not worked with each quarterback under center just yet, but says each communicates well, especially in the huddle.

"The quarterbacks are all doing a very good job in the huddle," MacPherson says. "Everyone's a good leader, so it's gelling fine. It's just, ya know, gotta pick out one of the three."

New Offensive Coordinator George McDonald knows the offensive line will be important this season, and says in the first scrimmage they showed their experience as the running backs had a good day. He believes their experience also helps with the daily quarterback transition.

"I think they're gelling pretty well," McDonald says. "I think from the offensive line standpoint, those guys play like they've played together for the last 2 years, which has been an awesome experience for me, that there's new guys in and out, but they're really playing as a unified front."