SU phases in new accent colors

Every college and university has colors associated with them. When we asked some Syracuse University students about it... here is how they answered.

"Blue and orange," says Ashley Zapp.

John Pais answered, "Orange and blue, there's no question, you can't deny, nobody can."

"Orange and blue, yeah, those are the school colors," said Mike Lowes.

Actually, it it technically only orange. While orange is the school's official color, there's no denying blue has been a prominent accent color. Now, blue will not be as prominent. A spokesperson says the University has been phasing in other complimentary colors. Look at the basketball uniforms, there's no blue, only orange and grey.

Manny's is a popular place to go on the hill for SU shirts and hats and other fan favorites. Bill Nester, one of the owners, says orange is the must have color on game day but overall, blue is the better seller. Nester says, "In general, I would say navy blue is our more common color because it's an everyday color so you wear a nice hoody with an orange Syracuse that's good everyday; not as bright."

People may not have noticed, but the University has been using charcoal grey, burgundy, black and white as accent colors, as seen in the University's capital campaign, and more so when the University revamped it's homepage last summer.However, this is nothing to get the blues over. Blue isn't going away. It will continue to be used, just along with other colors.