Super Bowl clicking; Links to get ready for 49ers vs. Ravens

The Super Bowl is often associated with soda, pizza, wings, chips, among other refreshments, however both San Francisco and Baltimore have upped the ante with these Super Bowl themed cakes.

Sunday's Super Bowl showdown between brothers Jim and John Harbaugh will certainly dominate the headlines, but its not even the biggest sporting event of the weekend for sister, Joani Harbaugh. ã??

One of the spectacles of the week leading up to the big game is the Super Bowl media day, where media is given full access to the teams, and anything from football to marriage proposals take place. Find out what Chris Culliver said during media day that put himself in hot water.

The Super Bowl is the one event throughout the year, where people may be more apt to go to the fridge during the game, opposed to waiting for the commercials, as the Super Bowl commercials have been ingrained into the event almost as much as the game itself. Here are the top 10 commercials of recent memory.

This year's big game will be memorable because it will be the first time two brothers will square off. Here are eightof the most memorable moments throughout Super Bowl history.

Football is a long, grueling season that takes not only a physical but an emotional toll on athletes.For Ravens safety Ed Reed, Ravens wideout Torrey Davis and 49ers Tightend Vernon Davis, football has served as a coping mechanism as all have dealt with emotional pain.

This year's Super Bowl will serve as quite the high school reunion as several players were former high school teammates.

Central New York will be represented in the Super Bowl with Ravens Defensive Lineman Arthur Jones.

Frank Gore is the 49ers all time leading rusher, but hisjourney from High School star to NFL Superstar is one filled with setbacks and personal tragedy.