SUâ??s quarterbacks will work together towards victory

Coming off of a 54-0 victory over Wagner, Syracuse University head coach Scott Shafer announced that quarterback Terrell Hunt will get the start for the 12:30 p.m. game on Saturday against the Tulane University Green Waves.

The Orange is looking for its second consecutive win at the Carrier Dome this season. Shafer is confident that Hunt is ready to lead the Orange to another win.

Hunt earned the starting position last week when he led the Syracuse offense with 15 of 18 passes for 265 yards and three touchdowns.

Hunt and quarterback Drew Allen, who got both starts against two Big Ten teams so far this season, are more focused on producing results for their team than their own success.

â??Iâ??m there to lift him up and heâ??s there to lift me up,â?? Hunt said. â??When I fell short he was there, he didnâ??t shove it in my face. Weâ??re a family, so we have to help each other out no matter what."

Allen and Hunt have a healthy, competitive relationship on the field.

â??Iâ??m always going to be the first one to congratulate him no matter whoâ??s in there,â?? Allen said.

Although Shafer gave the nod to Hunt for Saturdayâ??s game, he said both quarterbacks are interchangeable and should be prepared to take the field at any point.