SU's Smith to Tampa Bay, Bartholomew to Ravens

Agents of former SU Football players Derrell Smith and Ryan Bartholomew confirm to CNY Central that both players have signed with NFL teams.

Michael Courter, Smith's agent tells us Derrell flew to Tampa this morning, and that in the short time since the lockout ended a dozen or so teams showed a lot of interest in the former Orange Linebacker. In the end, Smith chose Tampa because of a favorable depth chart at linebacker and a personal phone call from Buccaneers Head Coach Raheem Morris. The personal call from the head coach is something Courter calls "extremely rare".

Kevin Omell, agent for Ryan Bartholomew tells us "Bart" is on his way to Tampa to join fellow Orange alum Arthur Jones.

Terms of the deal for both players were not disclosed. Players could not sign until Monday night, when the NFL lockout was lifted.