Syracuse Chiefs' shortstop Walters named to all-star team

With the Chiefs dead-last in the IL North division, at least there is one bright spot for the fans this season.

Shortstop Zach Walters has been named to the IL All-star game.

Currently, Walters has a tally of 18 home runs, which is the fourth best in the International League. His batting average is .246 with 44 RBIs. But with a .316 average since June 1 itâ??s no wonder why heâ??s a fan-favorite in only his second season with the team.

The 26th Annual Triple-A All Star Game will be held on July 17th in Reno, Nevada this year. Since changing to the current IL vs PCL format, at stake for the winning league in the all-star game is the right for its champion to play as the â??home teamâ?? at the Triple-A National Championship.