Syracuse fans lace up their dancing shoes for Atlanta


fter seeing their Orange dance into the Final Four, Syracuse fans knew they had to savor that moment. Down on Marshall Street, Manny's is selling Final Four tee shirts for the first time in a decade. To many Syracuse fans, picking up one of these shirts makes them feel like they were there for the win.

Ann Grosso has bought all four Final Four shirts when Syracuse made it this far. "(They're) a memento and support for the team," says Grosso.

Kyla Solomon was picking up the shirts as presents. "I think it commemorates the celebration around this weekend or next weekend. Just a special achievement that Syracuse has reached for making the Final Four," says Solomon.

Don Baker works at Manny's. "They're looking for the dated ones for 2013 and more so, like you said, a memento or something like that," says Baker.

Buying one of these shirts wasn't the only thing Syracuse fans were doing to prepare for Atlanta. Other fans came out to Tully's to watch and see who Syracuse will be taking on in the Final Four. Fans and friends were divided on who they would rather face, Michigan or Florida. This is strange as Orange fans are typically united.

Brendon Englert was pulling for the Gators. "I would have rather played Florida because I think they're worse, and I don't really like Florida at all," says Englert.

Marquis Drummond was rooting for the Wolverines. "I'd rather see Michigan because I'm a football fan from Michigan and I'd like to see Michigan in there with SU," says Drummond.

The Syracuse faithful can now come together as one as they cheer on their Orange against the Wolverines on Saturday down in Atlanta.

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