Syracuse Feds release list of items seized in Bernie Fine investigation

United States Magistrate Judge Andrew Baxter has unsealed two of the key search warrants in the investigation into former Syracuse University Associate Head Coach Bernie Fine.

The warrants detail a laundry list of electronics seized from the home, office and safety deposit boxes of Fine by law enforcement under the direction of Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Clymer. Until now the warrants had been sealed since the searches took place on Friday, November 25th and Tuesday November 28th.

Read the search warrants (PDFs): Home, Office, Safe Deposit at Key Bank, Safe Deposit at HSBC

The warrants detail what the investigators were allowed to seize. Areas included pornographic materials that "could have been used to sexually arouse or groom young males to engage in sex acts." The warrants also allow seizure of documents or records related to travel, basketball schedules, photographs, telephone bills and passports.

The federal authorities actually seized: numerous cell phones, DVDs, VHS tapes, computers, video cameras, safe deposit box keys, boxes of checks and two iPads. Here are the items seized, as they are listed in the warrants:

Taken from Fine home:

1 iPod Touch1 Sprint LG flip phone1 Dell laptop1 CD1 Kodak Picture Viewer1 Motorola cell phone1 Blackberry phone2 CDs1 iPod in container1 VHS tape1 DVD1 disposable camera1 voice recorder1 picture display1 VHS4 VHS6 VHS6 CDs2 Disposable Cameras1 envelop to Bernie1 HSBC deposit slip61 CDs1 Dell desktop1 mulicode jukebox10 CDs1 Netgear Router2 VHS1 Sony video camera1 VHS1 Olympus Trip XB31 Cannon8 film cans with film1 Samsung cell phone1 iPod Nano1 Phillips tape recorder1 CD1 picture1 Bag containing negatives1 Tape audio1 TDR tape7 safe deposit keys3 file cabinets2 boxes full of documents / pictures1 VHS1 file drawer2 boxes of checks41 VHS

The warrant for Fine's office at the Carmelo K. Anthony Center at Manley Field House also allowed for seizing the same materials listed for the the home. Investigators removed one Dell laptop, one Optiplex 760 tower PC, 135 CDs, 217 VHS tapes, one box of documents/photos, one bag of documents, one iPad box and one Blackberry box.

Federal court documents also reveal authorities have searched two safety deposit boxes held in Bernie Fine's name. One is housed at the HSBC Bank in Shoppingtown Mall. The other at the Key Bank in Nottingham Plaza. Authorities obtained seven letters from the Key Bank location.

Fine was fired from his position as Associate Head Coach of the Syracuse basketball team after serving for 36 years. The firing came ten days after the story of allegations of child sexual abuse broke on ESPN on Thursday November 17th.