Syracuse Football prepares for Georgia Tech atmosphere

The first steps you take into Bobby Dodd Stadium on the campus of Georgia Tech, youâ??re immediately taken aback by the beautiful scene.

Not only is historic Grant Field 100 years old this season, but a look to the southeast corner of the stadium reveals the downtown Atlanta skyline.

That feeling was shown by the Syracuse football team as they entered the stadium Friday afternoon. The Orange players immediately took out their cell phones and began taking snap shots.

The â??aweâ?? of Bobby Dodd Stadium though, will be gone by kickoff.

First and foremost the Orange doesnâ??t care where it plays; all it cares about is beating an ACC rival to take a step closer to bowl eligibility.

On that note, Georgia Tech needs a win desperately too. The Yellow Jackets have lost three games in a row to fall to 3-3 on the season.

That losing streak can work a couple of ways.

The way Syracuse is preparing for it, no doubt, is that Tech is going to be hungry for a win to keep its season afloat on its home turf.

The other way, which seems to be the local sentiment, is that a 3-game losing streak, coupled with a 12:30 kickoff may keep fans away.

Weâ??ll see how it goes on Saturday.

One thing is for sure, you see plenty of running plays.

Seriously, this game may be over in less than 3 hours.

Syracuse not only needs to control the elements, it also needs to play disciplined football on defense to stop Georgia Techâ??s quirky option attack.

Offensively, SU needs its ground game to remain in stride and hopefully, the passing game will come back around.

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